• i'm scared that if i ask you what you think of me, your reply will be "i don't" & i'm not sure that my heart can take that
  • so excuse us while we sing to the sky
  • if we lost our minds & we took it way too far i know we'd be alright
  • bounce back

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  • He is risen!!
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  • princetowns and embroidered denim
  • no white after Labor Day!!!
  • denim black white
  • junior year is actually what it's made out to be omg

  • rebellions are built on hope✨
  • kat's 1st challenge <3
  • oh hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea
  • everything is crumbling

  • summer's just around the corner🔆🔆
  • whatever sprinkles your doughnuts!!
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  • rlly don't want to go back to school tmr:((
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  • Just got back from Nevada and Arizona!
  • In these small hours, these little wonders...
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